DOTCAN Projects

Building on DOTCAN’s partnerships within Canada, West Africa, France and Germany, this project focuses on training for blue economy professionals in ocean technology, ocean business and maritime security. The aim is to bring together Atlantic Canada’s emerging ocean entrepreneurial expertise and Africa’s demographic dividend to help build a blue economy on the basis of trained people and scientific knowledge to promote both sustainable livelihoods and a healthy ocean. Youth unemployment is a major problem across coastal regions on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly for women. This has led to calls to empower young people with entrepreneurial skills that enable them to create their own enterprises in sectors with job multiplier effects. DOTCAN’s values are built on inclusion, diversity, equity and access, and the project goal is to strengthen entrepreneurial prospects and employment in the blue economy for youth and women.

Understanding perceptions of blue economy careers among today’s youth: a comparative analysis between Nova Scotia and a West African Small Island Developing State.

Our mission is to cultivate and enhance technical capacity, through partnerships, to advance safe, secure, and sustainable Blue Economies.

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