Partners Hubs


Network of partners involved:

Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute

In Ghana, DOTCAN’s partner hub is the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI), a local non-profit research organization whose vision is to become the lead research and advocacy institute in strategic maritime affairs in the Gulf of Guinea Region (GoG), by providing an intellectual base to governments, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals whose activities impinge upon the maritime domain of the GoG region, to ensure a sustainable use of the sea.

Website: Maritime Research | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra 


In Cabo Verde, DOTCAN’s in-country partner is Biosfera 1 – Associação Para a Defesa do Meio Ambiente, a local non-governmental organization based in Mindelo, São Vicente Island, whose mission is to promote the conservation of species of fauna and flora, the rehabilitation of marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as environmental awareness and education and local development.

Website: Home – Biosfera 

Sustainable Oceans Applied Research

In Nova Scotia, Canada, DOTCAN’s partner is a Sustainable Oceans Applied Research (SOAR), a local not-for-profit organization which provides services and infrastructure to assist researchers and technology developers with access to the coastal ocean, in order to advance research needed for sustainable industry development, which they do through training and education, integration of ocean technology with tourism, and communication with all relevant stakeholders.

Website: SOAR | Sustainable Oceans Applied Research

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Our mission is to cultivate and enhance technical capacity, through partnerships, to advance safe, secure, and sustainable Blue Economies.